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The Ultimate Guide to THCa

Oct 27th 2023

The Ultimate Guide to THCa

This cannabinoid is a superstar for many reasons. THCa is a powerful precursor to THC and has a myriad of potential benefits and consumption techniques. We'll cover those as well as some of the questions we've all been asking. Get ready to elevate your entire cannabis experience with the magical world of THCa! 


THCa resembles traditional cannabis but contains a lower amount of Delta 9. It has all the benefits of THC flower once it has been activated, which is achieved by applying heat to the THCa. Whatever flavor of consumption you prefer for your THC will also work with THCa. Common methods of consumption include vapes, topicals, baked goods, cartridges, concentrates, vaporizers, glass smoking pieces, and last but not least, the tried and true joint. It's been a fan-favorite for a while due to its versatile methods and of course its legality. No matter the situation, there's always a way to consume activated THCa, just add heat and get ready for the ride!

Will it Get me High?

Now for the question on everyone's mind: Will THCa get me high? The short answer is absolutely. You just need to apply heat to transition the THCa and CBDa into THC and CBD. This pulls out those marvelous effects we all love. This process is known as decarbing or decarboxylization. Without added heat, you will not feel the effects from the plant. Many swear by its properties when raw, but this won't give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Most cannabis strains are also available in THCa and give the same effects each strain is known to cause in traditional cannabis flower. It's important to remember that any cannabis product has different strains for different effects, so play around with this to find the strains that give you the experience you're looking for. You'll be surprised at the quality of the lesser known strains as well. The possibilities are endless! 

Benefits of THCa

The plethora of benefits to THCa are quite impressive. It may not be strong by nature, but it magically manifests potent effects when heated and there are so many ways to consume it! There's something out there for everyone from topicals to toking. No longer do you need to feel bugged out when driving, because it's completely legal. Arguably the best of all, it can be delivered to your home. There are no known potential risks to using THCa. Studies show it also has neuroprotective and antispasmodic qualities. Studies also show potential aid in trouble sleeping or eating, nausea, inflammation, chronic pain, and easing of IBS. That being said, more clinical trials and studies are essential to verify THCa's effects and benefits.


Good news for consumers: It's legal in all 50 states! The Federal Agriculture Improvement Act, also known as The Farm Bill of 2018, removed hemp plants and seeds from the DEA's schedule of controlled substances. This also distinguished legal hemp from marijuana solely based on Delta 9 levels. Legally, no cannabis product can have over 0.3% Delta 9 THC in states where marijuana is illegal. Don't be fooled, although 0.3% may seem like a small amount, it's even more than enough for veteran users. Give it a whirl and see just how heavenly THCa is. THC may not be legal in your state, but THCa is an absolutely euphoric alternative!

Now that you've laid the groundwork for your adventure into the world of THCa, it's time to get out there and try it! You'll be amazed at the wonders it works inside and out. Get ready for an absolute wave of euphoria and relaxation with your very own bag of THCa! Feel like starting your journey but you don't feel like leaving the house?  No problem! The Blom Shop will deliver premium, ultra-premium, and exotic high THCa flower and edibles directly to your door. Check us out!